Welcome to Our K-9 Kingdom
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Welcome to Our K-9 Kingdom
We welcome everyone to come to our home to see our dogs and puppies.

UPDATE: As of June 2015 we have 2 Beautiful litters which are the last litters we will be having. We have decided to not breed any
longer although this was a VERY hard choice us but one that took quite some time to decide and is what is best at this time for us.

We love Great Danes and have owned one or more since 2002. We started wanting to breed them in 2005 and now have 3
wonderful Danes that we breed from time to time. So we keep a waiting list for these puppies. We only breed for Blue, Black,
Harlequin and Merle.

We breed for Quality not Quantity. We breed for health and temperament with our dogs. Personalities on all our of dogs are
wonderful and the puppies personalities grow for the most part once they are in their new home. Personalities tend to grow from 6
weeks of age on. We never let any puppy go before 6-7 weeks of age so please dont ask. We will do what is best for our dogs and
puppies first.

Please feel free to look around on our website. We have put many hours into getting everything we can think of on here for you. We
update info all the time as we find out and learn more. Our website is kept very current to help you know what is going on with us. We
welcome phone calls and or emails anytime to help you with any questions you may have for us.
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